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Q: How is this different than going to see a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT)?

A: During the workshops/online consults, I will teach you about your body and give you strategies to improve your core and pelvic floor health, in addition to talking about overall wellness in this season of life. This does not replace one-on-one physical therapy that your doctor may recommend or that may be needed, though you can certainly do a workshop/consult in addition to or before seeing a PFPT. There can be a lot of barriers to getting into formal PT, and Beyond the Bump Wellness offers other options to women. Check out the blog on PFPT if you want to know more about that! I do also see patients in a traditional PT clinic. Email if you are interested in scheduling. 

Q: Is this appropriate if I'm pregnant?

A: Yes! Women often spend a lot of time and energy preparing for labor and delivery and then care of their baby (taking hospital classes, books, apps, etc) but little to no time and energy on preparing for the physical, mental, and emotional recovery after childbirth. A workshop or consult is great for learning more about this!

Q: What if this is not my first baby? Will I still get something out of a workshop/consult?

A: Yes! Every pregnancy and birth and recovery is different. In addition, if you never addressed some of these things to fully recover after a previous birth(s), now is a perfect time to do so.

Q: What if my "baby" is 5, but I am still leaking when I sneeze or jump and I still want to know more about my postpartum body? Is it too late?

A: No! It is never "too late".

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