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Q: What if I am interested but the times or location don't work for me?

A: Please email me at laura@beyondthebumpwellness.com! I am very open to teaching these programs whenever/wherever there is a need. I can even come to you and do a small group class with a few of your friends in the comfort of your own home!

Q: How is this different than going to see a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT)?

A: During this program, I will teach you about your body and give you strategies to improve your core and pelvic floor health. This does not replace one-on-one pelvic floor/ internal physical therapy that your doctor may recommend or that may be needed, though you can certainly do this program in addition to seeing a PFPT. This program is a unique way to educate yourself in a comfortable setting with a community of other moms going through the same things. If you do end up needing formal PT, I can help facilitate that process.

Q: What if this is not my first baby? Will I still get something out of these classes?

A: Yes! Every pregnancy and birth and recovery is different. In addition, if you never addressed some of these things to fully recover after a previous birth(s), now is a perfect time to do so. It's never too late!

Q: Is this an exercise class?

A: No. While you will move around a bit and do some basic re-training movements, this is not a fitness class. There are many great options for fitness classes in the area that can be a good next step after you complete this program, if returning to a formal exercise class is a goal for you.

Q: What if my "baby" is 5, but I am still leaking when I sneeze or jump and I still want to know more about my postpartum body? Is it too late

A: No! It is never "too late". Please check out the Further Beyond the Bump program.