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Welcome! The goal of Beyond the Bump Wellness is to support and empower postpartum women. The typical standard for postpartum care is one, brief appointment with your OB/GYN or midwife at 6 weeks and that is simply not enough.

Women deserve better. 

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About Beyond the Bump Wellness

Hello! I am Laura, mother of two spirited little girls, physical therapist, and pre/postnatal fitness instructor. The idea for Beyond the Bump Wellness started when I gave birth to my first daughter and experienced firsthand how little support and quality guidance there is for new moms. I have a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and an orthopedic board certification and yet, I still struggled to understand what was going on with my body and what I should and shouldn't be doing at various stages postpartum. I have since been dedicated to becoming an expert in this area. 

I am passionate about helping as many women as I can become educated about their own bodies during and after pregnancy. There is so much information available when it comes to preparing for and caring for baby, but it is critical to remember to take care of YOU and make YOURSELF a priority as well. 

So many women I know, myself included, experience feelings of confusion about what is going on with their bodies, helplessness and uncertainty about what is normal or not, and even feeling "broken" after childbirth. NO ONE should feel this way. I look forward to helping you understand the possibilities and strength of your own body during this chapter of your life. Please contact me with any questions.

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Beyond the Bump Wellness Services

In-person or Virtual Workshops

These workshops are for women at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum. They include:​

  • Small group setting, led by a Physical Therapist, to allow individualized attention and feedback. 

  • Handouts and resources.

  • Ability to meet and connect with other moms.

  • A comfortable setting for you and your baby (you can bring your baby or not- whatever you'd like to/need to do!)

  • Ongoing support for any questions that may come up after the program.

This program is for you if you want to learn about:​

  • Recovery after birth (no matter what type of birth you had). Learn what is happening with your body and what is "normal" at each stage of recovery.

  • Diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse: what these words even mean, how to potentially prevent issues and/or manage them.

  • How to re-connect with your core and pelvic floor and why this is so critical.

  • How to prevent common aches and pains and injuries from lifting, feeding, and wearing your baby,

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Online Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about postpartum wellness, but aren't local to the Chicago area and/or would like to do so from the comfort of your own home, online consults are a great option! Email for more information. 

Speaking to Moms Groups/MNO

Do you attend a moms group or want to get a group together for a moms night out and have me come in and speak? Email for more information!

One on one Physical Therapy

I see patients in a traditional Physical Therapy clinic at Chicago Physical Therapists, 4721 N Clark St in Chicago. Reach out at laura@beyondthebumpwellness or check out if you would like to schedule or for more info.

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